Professional cleaning is a booming industry that has lots of demand from corporate and domestic sectors. Over the past few years, environmentalists and government organizations have imposed several industrial laws and regulations on manufacturing companies that require them to follow certain norms with regards to cleanliness and hygiene. This is to ensure safety and security of production systems and chemical processes they follow. For maintaining quality, hygiene and productivity, proper cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipments used for various industrial activities are essential. New age cleaning companies do not make use of conventional cleaning procedures. Advanced cleaning techniques ensure minimal environmental pollution and waste generation.

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Types of chemical cleaning systems

  • In power plants and steam plant chemical cleaning is essential for regular maintenance of huge boilers. Various cleaning techniques like steam blowing and acid cleaning are used for cleaning boilers.
  • Chemical cleaning is used for maintenance and cleaning of heat exchangers in various industries like petroleum, refrigeration, wine making etc.
  • Chemical cleaning techniques are frequently used in units providing various types of waste disposal solutions like eco-friendly waste treatment etc.
  • Companies engaged in manufacturing of industrial lubricants require various types of chemical cleaning procedures. Such industries either maintain a separate cleaning department or hire the services of professional chemical cleaning companies.

Hiring reliable chemical cleaning companies in Singapore

Finding the right company in Singapore for handling the cleaning requirements of your factory or plant can take some time. To browse through the best companies in the industry check out the trade directory of SG Process Industries published by Marshall Cavendish. The directory is available online as well as in print and CD format. The directory contains detailed information on various companies involved in chemical cleaning and manufacturing processes. All the information and facts published in the directory are well-researched and accurate. The online directory also features important trade events, company listings, industry articles, supporting industries etc.