Pattaya tours are one of the most popular Asia tour packages that involve lots of exciting tourist activities, adventures, and sightseeing. On a daily basis, thousands of tourists visit the location from various destinations in the worlds. However, the majority of the visitors are from Asian countries like India, China, Japan, Singapore, UAE etc.  If you are planning a short vacation of 2 to 3 days, you need to make a list of various activities that you intend to do. This would help you in making the best use of your time because the place offers a wide range of tourist attractions including beach destinations, shopping malls, exotic spas, golf courses, intercontinental restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Note that, Pattaya tours are not much expensive and if you are planning for a short stay in Pattaya you can also think about visiting other beautiful destinations in Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and Phuket. There are several tour operators who can offer good discounts on Phuket and Koh Samui tour packages that are as popular as Pattaya tours.

Organizing a Pattaya tour package

  • Pattaya offers great beaches so your major entertainment would involve beach games and water sports like water skiing and boat tours. So when you are packing for the tour, you need to carry all the necessary outfits and protective clothing necessary for long hours of beach activities.
  • Scuba diving is one of the best adventurous tourist activities in Pattaya. If you are visiting with your friends, you can surely enjoy this amazing underwater activity. However, you need to book an expert diving instructor who can help you in learning the essentials of scuba diving.
  • Pattaya is known for its nightclubs and dance bars that offer a wide range of entertainment activities for the tourists. You may browse online to find the best bars and nightclubs in this area and make advance reservations to save your time.