Many people might not have heard about boat davits, let alone know what they are actually used for. Boat davit is a system installed in boats and yachts. It is used to load and unload small rescue boats or dinghies on a bigger sized boat. Boat davits are nothing new. They have been in use for the same purpose for a very long time. The use of boat davits has made the loading and unloading of these rescue boats very easy and less time consuming than it previously used to be. Since the introduction of this mechanism in the last century, there have been many types of boat davits that you can install in your boat.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common types of boat davits used and we’ll share how to take care of them to ensure their trouble-free performance. Let’s first take a look at a few common types of boat davits.

1- Gravity Davit

These davits are widely used because of their ease of use. They are designed to have a deck frame and an arm. When you are releasing a boat, the arm will go down the passage of the deck frame until it reaches an established halt. Once it does, your boat will detach from the davit’s hook.

2- Pivot Torque Davit

This type of boat davit also consists of an arm and a deck frame. Both these things are hinged to the deck pivot. Pivot torque davits use a coiled spring that is placed between the deck frame and the arm. Just like gravity davits, the entire load of the boat is supported by the davit’s hook. You can easily disengage a rescue boat in the hinging procedure.

3- Unhinged Screw Davit

As the same name suggests, these types of boat davits do not use any hinging mechanisms like pivot torque. Instead unhinged davits have a handgrip that is linked to worm wheel. It’s an old mechanism that you can find in old boats even. The problem with this type of davit is that there is no main system to control it. Each part of this davit works independently. However, old boats, in which a lot of modern davits cannot be retrofitted, have the alternative of using unhinged screw davits.

These were some of the commonly used boat davits. Now let’s see what can be done to maintain them so that when you’re on your boat, you do not face any problem related to boat davit.

Taking Care of Your Boat Davits

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to take care of your boat davit is to keep it clean and maintained. Most boat davits are made up of steel and can get rusty so make sure that doesn’t happen. Otherwise they can pick salt deposits. So make sure your boat davit is dirt-free and there are no salt deposits forming on it. The other way of maintaining your boat davit is the use of latest tools, but you might not be able to work them properly and might need some help of a technician. So call the one who has the proper tools and knows how to take care of your boat davit for you.

There are so many different types of boat davits available these days that it gets a little difficult to pick out the best one that will suit your boat. You can browse through the variety of boat davits offered by Euro Off Shore and let our experts guide you in making the right decision.