There’s only one thing on the mind for couples who are getting married: how can they make their wedding day truly memorable and special, with the presence of many friends and family? One of the best ideas that couples can entertain is that of having an outdoor wedding in Singapore, most especially a yacht wedding. Here are some tips on how to make preparations for the yacht wedding of a lifetime:

Figure out the logistics required when organiziyacht weddingsng the wedding

It may be a challenge to get on and off the yacht for the wedding arrangements. That’s why before you sign any deal with a yacht, you have to make sure that the key people have access to it. These are the event planners, the wedding suppliers, and those who will be carrying the necessary equipment for the wedding.

You also have to consider the weight capacity of the yacht as regards number of guests and the type of entertainment you set for your wedding reception.

You have to make sure the wedding space and the number of guests it can accommodate

It follows that the larger a yacht is, the more guests it can accommodate; but there are large yachts that only have limited space allotted for wedding ceremonies and reception. That’s why you have to check the entire space alongside your requirements for decors, the seating plan, and other items. Yacht weddings are often more intimate than the traditional weddings and there are only fewer guests. If you can’t bring down the number of guests to invite, you can forego the idea of exchanging vows on the deck.

You also have to consider the choice of meal on the yacht whether it’s a sit down service or a buffet service

If you aim to invite a large group of guest for your wedding, the buffet service will be the best option. Batches of side dishes, main courses and sauces are available to large group for as long as they want. This is also advantageous for the guests who prefers to hang out around the deck and enjoy the scenic view instead of sitting down dining service.