“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” – George Kneller

Are you either the owner of a small business or startup? Or, are you the marketing director (or manager) of a large organisation? And, are you considering employing a loovagentuur (creative agency) to handle and control your company’s marketing spend and budget?

The creative agency: A succinct definition

At the outset of this article, it is vital to be cognisant of the fact that wise decision-making includes knowledge and understanding. Therefore, before we look at the reasons why it is essential to hire a creative agency, let’s take a quick look at a comprehensive definition of the creative agency concept:

A creative agency is also known as an advertising agency. And it is defined as a business that “creates, plans and manages all aspects of a client’s advertising.” This definition includes marketing and advertising campaigns across all spectrums from print and digital media, right across to video adverts for television and YouTube.

The importance of hiring a marketing agency

Now that we have a clear understanding of a creative agency and its primary role and function, let’s look at the importance of hiring an advertising agency:

A fresh outlook on the retail sector

The quotation by George Kneller mentioned above highlights the art of thinking creatively. And, it indirectly provides the raison d’etre for hiring a specialist creative agency to design and implement your organisation’s marketing strategy.

Succinctly stated, an advertising agency’s employees are hired to think “out of the box” and to provide fresh impetus into your brand, thus, ensuring that your brand’s message continues to remain relevant to the modern consumer.


Hiring a marketing agency as opposed to employing individual marketing experts is more cost-effective and a better ROI (Return on Investment). After all, an organisation’s primary aim, no matter the size, is to drive growth and sales to remain profitable. And, part of staying profitable is the efficient management of existing funds to cut unnecessary costs.

Make the most of your marketing spend

The Internet and the Digital Age have changed and continue to improve the way brand marketers need to think and go about marketing their brand. Specialist marketers make it their business to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest marketing models and methodologies.

For example, global statistics show that just under 50% of the world’s population now have access to the Internet through one or more mobile devices. Consequently, emphasis on advertising models that fit mobile device screens has become of vitally important. There is nothing worse than trying to browse through a website designed for a desktop (or laptop) on a mobile device.

 As an aside, this particular challenge has been solved by using responsive website designs that allow the same site to be viewed on different size (and resolution) screens. But, in order to implement responsive website design, the specialist marketer needs to know of its existence and implementation.