Most people don’t even realize that they are fat. This is because as time change so do people’s bodies. Earlier, a person who had a nice tummy was considered a rich person. The person who was actually getting healthy exercise was really fit. But these times were those when food was short and very healthy. The body of all these people was able to get the best nutrients from the food intake. Now things have changed. Most people live a life where they sit on a chair every day of the week. They sit on a chair and stare at a screen all day. This is when a lifestyle problem is evident. When a person does not get enough physical exercise one begins to start building up fat. This can get serious when one does not try to keep this unhealthy fat in check. Most of the time this happens because the person does not even realizes the dangers of leading such a bad life. By the time one realizes one is suffering it is too late. This is most prevalent in cities such as Singapore, where life is very stressful and fast paced. Even if one knows that one is suffering there is no time to go get some health checks up done.

Intragastric balloon surgery can help weight loss

  • Usually a person who has a habit of going for a medical checkup often does not have a problem where a surgery is necessary.
  • People who don’t have a regular medical checkup can become very heavy and then eventually require some very deep surgeries like a bariatric surgery.
  • There is no reason to be scared of surgery. It is quite normal now. These surgeries can be very effective in treating obesity eventually. They are sometimes the last resort to save one’s health and will be more beneficial.