Why Autodesk Revit, well.. why not?


Most people are shifting to this and some are even forcing people to do this rather than the traditional drafting it’s mainly not because it’s the future and that is the path that we are going to but rather if learned and practiced it, it can make everything in your process efficient.

Drafting is not just about the drawing, yeah the drawings are what we see in the normal eye but for the people that does this it’s more on the measurement s, you only get a few square meters, you always have your limit and that is always the issue, Revit helps solve this not just time efficient but very accurate as well.

It’s a whole new view and a whole new level of how we do things and it makes all the difference in the world. Have you ever visited an architect’s room? Yeah they have very nice houses but their office room is literally covered with piles and piles and piles and crumpled and crumpled and crumpled drafts all over the place, it’s so many and it will never be cleaned out. Revit promises to minimize this too (because old habit is tough to break), yeah it helps if you know how to draw good things but 3d rendering makes all the difference now.

So if you are a firm that are still getting the old style in doing things you should let your partners know that you need to keep up with the times and try the new things not because you want to see a 3D rendering but because you want efficiency and accuracy and if you have efficiency and accuracy on your side could only mean more savings.

Drafting services

If you are looking for a good Revit drafting services, Verve is at your service and will be more than happy to give you the best service with Revit, and it aims to help you with efficiency and accuracy to help you save time and save cost at the same time. Our values are always geared towards caring for our clients, helping them with the challenges that they have because we believe that a happy customer will always come back for their next project.