Every business person dreams of getting a big and fancy work space. It is undeniable that a well-equipped and thoroughly furnished workspace impresses the clients. As a result, many deals are sealed, business grows, and profit multiplies.

Choose Royal Suites for your office spaces in Singapore

Royal Suites caters to the needs of an established business as well as startups. There are several options provided by Royal Suites to suit your needs and requirements when it comes to work spaces in Singapore.

Our Royal Board Room is the right place to brainstorm winning ideas and collaborate between partners on the strategy that might give your company a boost like never before. The formal setting is designed to exude professionalism and will do just that anytime you use it. It sits 10 people, is equipped with 56” LCD TV, includes state of the art digital telephony systems, has projector, and has high speed fiber optic LAN and WIFI.

The Royal Meeting Room is designed to be vibrant, fun and private for team members to hold meetings and discussions. A setting which is sure to make way for brilliant ideas is definitely a necessity and greatly important because without a think tank, a company will fail to move forward. It sits 4-5 people, has state of the art digital telephony system, equipped with high speed fiber optic LAN and WIFI, and is a perfect setting to conduct interviews.

The Royal Café is a place for playful banters and relaxed conversations among team members as well as with individuals from different businesses. Besides providing rest and refreshments, this space also creates a platform for networking that might lead to new fruitful collaborations and projects. This space offers complimentary coffee and tea as well as cold and hot water, and contains stocked refrigerator with drinks and snacks.

There are also Energizing Points scattered all over the place to give a relaxing space for residents away from work. This further energizes them and directly influences their work positively.

Apart from all these, we also offer our work spaces for off-site meetings, trainings, and events. The optimal usage of the well-planned setting at Royal Suites will definitely result in a booming business.