Facing problem in searching the contact details of service provider? Not a problem, use the smartest way of finding details of any service provider by using the online directory service. Here, one can find the details of the organization as well as the individual service providers as well.

What is online directory?

It is a platform that contains the contact details of products and service providers. The directory is just like a phone book that contains the contact number of people. The online directories contain the contact number of organization and it is used as a tool for both for the advertisement and promotion of business as well as to seek information about something.

From college list to architectural services, everything is there

There are two types of directories present in the market that can be used for promotion of business and seeking information, both. One is the general directory; this is the book that contains contact details of business or organization from all the streams. And the second one is specific; this is the publication that contains the contact details of only specific service providers. For e.g. is the directory is for quality management service providers, then it will contain contact details of only those service providers that certified professionals and acclaimed to ISO standards.

The best directory for certified professionals in Singapore

On the internet one can find a number of contact book that carries the details of businesses and professionals. But, all of them are not genuine. By and large, only those directories are good and give apt information that offers services on payment and have higher credibility in the market. The directories published by renowned publishers are also the best one to follow. Because, this one contains update and complete list of service providers.