Carpenter ants could prove to be a threat to your household and damage the interior of your building. The make the woods hollow by penetrating into it and building their nests there. If the infestation is left untreated, it could lead to some serious problems in the structure. Gradually, as they proceed into the structures, they keep on breeding and expand their nests and also make tunnels through the wood for their movement and making the wood completely hollow in some time.

These are the signs which indicate that the ants have completely infested the house and it needs to be taken care of:

Rustling noise

If you hear some rustling noises tie and again coming out of the walls, or the ceilings, it’s an indication that the ants have invaded the home. The colony of ants keeps on moving all the time and hence, there is a constant sound due to it.

  Wood damage

You must regularly examine the structure of wood at your home and check for fourmis dans la charpente. If you find that there is some damage in the woods or the structure seems to be rotten, it is a sign that the ants have infested the house. If any wood collapses, it shows that the ants have nested inside and made the wood weak and hollow from inside.

Piles of sawdust

Carpenter ants nest and chew the woods of the buildings. Therefore, if you spot frequent pieces of sawdust and piles of wood in your household, this too is an indication of the presence of the ants in your house. These ants make tunnels in the woods and make the woods hollow from inside. Hence, you will find the wood shavings near the window sills, door jams, baseboards and along the corners of the room.

Transition in weather

The carpenter ants hibernate during the winters and re active during summers, hovering around you home, making the woods hollow. During the summers, one must check for them and lookout the cracks and the ceilings in the house to watch for any ants creeping out of them. If anyhow, you spot the carpenter ants during winters, it might be because of the warmth in your house and their comfort level with the warmth.


The carpenter ants can prove to be a big problem if they are not dealt with in time. Therefore, you must keep in check with the above-mentioned reasons and lookout for them. If found any, you must contact the ants control service and get in control of the situation.