Clutter can influence how you work. When you are too disorganized, everything in your office will compete for your attention and makes it difficult for you to work. In fact, this will impact how you perceive professionalism. So you will want to know how to reorganise your Singapore office.

Start from Scratch

Take everything out of the drawers and off your desk. Place them in a box and continue you work. If you need an item, just place it back in your desk. In case there are things you do not use after a number of days, you may not need them anymore.

Re-Assess your Things

It is imperative to assess what you need at your desk and what you can let go. Clutter occurs since your brain will let you think that you will need everything there. While going through your things, know if a certain item has a purpose. Are you keeping that thing since you need it or because you are likely to need it later? Were you even aware it was at your desk? By answering these questions, you will know what to do with that thing.


Give Everything a Flow

After deciding what to keep, it is time to decide where you should keep it. You will want to ensure you can quickly access the things you frequently use. Focus on organizing your desk drawers by significance. When you use plenty of paper, have a left-to-right workflow at your desk. Work comes in on the left, gets processed at the center and goes out on the right. This makes your desk clear for whatever is next.

Tame your Cables

It is an endless battle to organize the mess of cables under your desk. However, there are simple tricks to take this to the next level. You can use rain gutters, affordable cable management tools or other things designed to manage cables. In case everything doesn’t seem to work, display your cables creatively if you can’t hide them.

Look for your Problem Spots

Looking at your workspace and determining how cluttered it is can be difficult. But when you take some photos of your workspace, you might be surprised at what you will find. In case you cannot find your clutter trouble spot, take a few pictures to find them.


Enlarge your Office

When your office really has too many essential things that will not fit on your desk, consider enlarging your office. In order to increase a small room’s storage space, think vertically, raise up the monitor and utilize the space under the desk. Every inch of space in the office must be used to your benefit.