Customized gifts bring forth a variety of exciting ideas and inspirations since the concept is a powerful tool that can rebuild and reinforce relationships at various levels. Customization has huge relevance in the field of corporate gifting as it works as a powerful promotional and motivational tool. Adding a symbol of your institution or the logo of your company in a unique gift item reflects the amount of thought and consideration you have invested in designing a small gift that represents your organization. Some of the cheapest yet effective corporate gifting ideas include items like a beautifully customized badge, personalized key chain, or a laptop bag with the name of your company printed on it. Different occasions require different gifting ideas. Besides occasion, you should also consider the cost and budget involved. For a marketing event, you might require some customized T-shirts or caps, and you can get them designed by a professional fabric printing or T-shirt print Singapore making service. Similarly, for occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you can opt for a customized greeting card or mug. Mugs are one of the choicest gifting ideas and you can easily find a wide range of online mug printing Singapore services.

Different types of corporate gift in Singapore ideas

  • Business greeting cards with a customized message including the name of the receiver is an ideal gift for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc. Such gifts are used for greeting elite customers, business leads, and clients.
  • A customized dairy is yet another elegant corporate gifting idea that would seem perfect for appreciating your employees on occasions like New Year’s Eve or Labor Day.
  • A flash drive designed with a corporate logo is a useful gift that can surely impress your employees, clients or customers. There are several gift manufacturing units in Singapore that create cheap and attractive electronic goods in bulk quantities.
  • Caps, bottles, and calendars are some of the low-budget gifting ideas that can be easily customized without spending a huge sum.