When you contact the Singapore recruitment agency in Singapore about a job, they process documentation as well as salary as well. They calculate gross and net salary, process Government grants, provident funds, and provide detailed review of payroll and salary slips. Most of the companies outsource their payroll management processes of these companies. This reduces a lot of burden and companies can focus more on development and other processes that help them progress. Maternity claims and other ad hoc claims are also filed by these companies on behalf of the employees. They also submit employee’s income tax file and take care of all the income taxes related processes for the employees.

recruitment agency in Singapore

Recruitment agencies decide salary packages

Recruitment agencies analyze the potential of the Jobseeker and provide them with salary package that fits their experience and skill set. When job seekers apply online, they have to fill the form with complete details of their previous work, education, and other personal details. This gives the complete picture to these agencies about the educational background, their hobbies, interests, work experience, and any other special talents. Since, these agencies have a large database of list of global employers; jobseekers have a better chance of seeking the right company for their professional growth.

Employee payroll issues are taken care by the recruitment agency

Employee performance and attendance records are submitted to the recruitment agencies. Promotions and salary increment decisions are partly or completely decided by these agencies on behalf of the companies. Delays and deductions in salaries are one of the tasks performed by these agencies. Any dispute about salaries and payments are dealing with them. Employees can contact them about the same. Outsourcing the payroll process to these agencies reduces the burden and many other hassles that most of the companies deal with. Outsourcing payroll services also speed up many internal processes of the companies.