lessons learnt from interush moving office to singapore

The process of relocating your business office to a new location like Singapore always looks overwhelming and impossible at the start. Every entrepreneur knows the importance of completing the move as efficiently as possible so that the business can get back to full operation fast. Interush had been prudent in locating their office in Singapore and we share some of their experiences here.

Here are smart tips from experts on how to relocate business offices.

Keenly Evaluate the Business

By taking time off your busy schedule to evaluate the business keenly, you will be able to decide in which order the various items should be moved to the new premises. Office furniture that you do not use often can be moved before the essential equipment that is used on a daily basis.

Inform the Employees and Customers

The employees should be aware of your moving plans at least 4-6 months before the big day. This information will give them ample to plan and prepare well. For instance, some may decide to relocate to a new apartment that is close to the new office. The same case applies to the clients; let them know that you will be shifting at least three months before the move by posting a notice on your website and sending out an email. Interush products can also help convey the intended message to the customers affordably.

Have To-Do-Lists

A to-do-list will help make the moving process smooth and avoid hurdles that could derail and complicate the process. Create multiple lists for each step of the moving process to prevent any form of confusion. The listings will help break down the list of things that need to be done into smaller and manageable steps. They will also ensure that all the time-sensitive tasks are handled before the final moving day.

Finally, hire professional office movers to carry the items to the new premises to avoid any breakages. Be sure to ask for quotes from two or more local moving companies and evaluate their services to get value for money.