Many factories and industrial setup require machined components and parts for servicing, spare parts maintenance and in other instances. Valves and tubes form basic parts of many machines. These usually undergo wear and tear with daily operations. As a result, most factories have maintenance departments that run scheduled repair, maintenance and replacement of such parts.

Different valves and tubing features

The valves, tubing and fittings are usually available in different models as per different functions:

  • They are required for different operating pressures.
  • They are required to mediate pressure at different points.
  • The pressure capabilities usually vary up to 10,500 bars in these models.

The valves can be of different kinds, including non return valves or tubing with varying pressure capabilities such as medium, high and ultra high pressure models. There are valve actuators as well as adapters which act as essential components of these devices.

Different uses

The valves and tubing are put to use in different systems. A common usage is in a hi-lo liquid/gas test system. Again, there are valves inbuilt in a high pressure hose which is used in house gardens even. Fire pumps use valves in hose test bench. In such ways, the valves and tubing find use in varied control and pressure test system units. There are specialist suppliers who can offer valves and tubing of different models and designs that are perfect for diverse industrial functions.

Finding the right source for control and pressure test system

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