When you are working in the oil and gas sector, there are many issues with regard to the safety of the workers that need to be handled carefully. In this regard, there are instances when the crew performing the drilling operation will lose control of the situation and there can be excess formation of fluids in the reservoir. In that case, the blowout preventer valve will be very useful and you can easily close the top of the well using this valve. The blow out preventer test bay is very helpful and you can actually test the reservoir for the optimum pressure levels even before the drilling crew begins their operation. In this manner, you will be on the safer side as you know the capacity of the system and take care not to exceed those levels in the future.

Install hi-lo liquid/gas test system

  • In order to control the pressure in the reservoir, you can use the liquid and gas test system that will help you to determine the optimum pressure level in the system.
  • You will be surprised to see the wide varieties of materials that can be handled at the hose test bench and it gives accurate results.
  • They are well built to handle high pressure situations and you can use it safely in your drilling and other operations.
  • On the other hand, this is also useful in testing the low pressure situation which can lead to many hassles within the reservoir.
  • Once you are equipped with the accurate information about the pressure levels in the system, you will be in a better situation to handle the issue.
  • The system is very affordable and lasts for a long time giving full value for your money.

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