Many of the homes and manufacturing companies mainly operate with the use of hot water. Most of these users depend on fossil fuels or electricity for their water heating needs. This causes high energy costs for the homes and businesses. Using solar power for heating water is one of the best solutions to reduce the energy cost. Energy management solutions companies such as electric power companies in Singapore will be able to guide you better in installing the right equipment for your power consumption needs.  You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages before installing cost effective energy production systems in your property.

Reducing cost with Solar thermal panels from electric power companies in Singapore 

If you want to reduce the energy cost and reduce your dependency on electric power companies you need you to use the right type of equipment for solar heating.

  • Cheaper installment

Solar thermal panels are the best solar heating equipment for homes.  You need to use only 2-3 panels for heating water for your domestic use. When you are using solar photovoltaic cells you may need to use 10-16 cells for heating the water. Since you require only2-3 panels the installment is cheaper.  If you want to produce electricity, then you need to install solar PV cells.

  • Reduced fuel bills

You don’t have to use a gas heating system or to use electricity from electricity retailers for water heating need and you will be saving money on your fuel bills. Moreover, solar panels are highly efficient and they convert 80% of the solar radiation received by them to heat energy.

  • Incentives for solar heating equipment

The domestic as well as commercial properties can get heat incentives available for renewable energy users when they install solar power systems for heating. Get the experienced companies to install the solar power equipment by searching in online directories.

Use Green Singapore, a well-maintained directory with a wide range of services listed for selecting the solar power system installed in a specified area. Get the printed directory by contacting the publisher. Call: (65) 62139300 or fax (65) 62850161 to get the needed copy.