Are you ready to become a crucial part of the sales distribution process, helping manufacturers get their products from warehouse-to-doorstep? You are in the right place.

While the centralized, physical spaces of malls and shopping complexes are on the decline, we have entered the next era of consumerism as we know it: online shopping. This means that wholesale business distributors are more important than ever.

Distribution businesses, and workers alike, are flooding to New Jersey to join an engaged community of warehouse operators, supplying in-demand services from a centralized US location. The State of New Jersey is well-equipped to help you in any stage of your business transformation, with their Business Action Center established to assist with any resources you may need in taking your next step.

So, if you’ve done your research, you know your market, and you’ve found your home in the up-and-coming warehousing sector of New Jersey, then you’re ready for the next steps.

Here are three important steps for building your warehousing businesses in NJ:

Use the resources at your fingertips

The State of New Jersey’s Business Portal offers a range of services to get you started in their industrial sector. Whether you have been working in the industry for a while, or are finding your feet on a new playing field, the NJ Business Action Center can help ensure that you have the right certifications, plans for expansion and choice of location. They can also take you through their business checklist of recommendations, to make sure that you are meeting all of the standards required, giving you the perfect foundation to move forward from.

If this first step is slowing you down, the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers can help you through this portion of the process in a hands-on, step-by-step manner.

Find the right heavy-duty equipment

It’s important to stock your new warehouse with the right equipment to ensure that you are capable of completing jobs efficiently, however finding material handling equipment in New Jersey can be a consuming, and even confusing, process.

When trying to establish the right foundations for your warehousing business, securing a reliable source of “heavy-duty” equipment can make the critical difference in your overall productivity and safety.

Take the time to consider a range of heavy-duty and rough-terrain forklifts to suit any load, at any site, any time. You should also consider an efficient and sturdy container handler, which enables you to safely stack empty shipping containers.

Don’t forget the basic warehousing equipment

No warehouse is complete without the basics. Moving large loads, accessing hard-to-reach places, and transporting everything from your products – to your staff – around the space is critical to your operations as a successful warehousing business in New Jersey.

Your warehouse will need the right, safety-assured forklifts, along with a set of scissor-lifts to access to objects in high or tight spaces. The right burden carrier will give you quick and easy access to anywhere in the warehouse.

Beyond the basics, considerservice-support products to boost your productivity in the areas you need it most. Explore options like an industrial forklift charging solution, palletless material handling or hydraulic or mechanical lift truck attachments, to increase efficiencies.

Of course, no list can provide you with the perfect solution for your emerging business – the most important ingredient is you and your team. Your employees will benefit from an extensive training program, like those offered at the TrainingABC portal, or another reputable provider.

Growing your business is no easy feat, but these three warehouse “must-haves” are sure to get you on the right track for enduring profitability and success in New Jersey.