Companies don’t run out of reasons to celebrate any event or occasion. It may be the CEO’s birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, change of leadership, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and many more. That means there are many reasons to have Singapore corporate gifts around.

Singapore corporate gifts

Here are the most popular corporate gifts:

For Women

There are many great ideas for corporate gifts for women whether they are women supervisors, female coworkers, or female executives. Some of the choices for these are the metal business card holders are a must have for executives who like to impress their clients. Female employees who are desk bound would love to receive desktop items such as photo frames, desk clocks, cell phone holders, etc. For Christmas and year-end festivities, you can choose from compacts, atomizers, keychains, and many more.

Fancy Ones for Appreciation

It is a great time to acknowledge the high-performing employees by the end of the year and during company anniversaries. You can reward employees for various reasons such as length of stay, for being good role models, and for their performance. Aside from trophies, you can also send them personalized gift items such as CD cases, paperweights, desktop clocks, money clips, etc.

Edible Corporate Gifts

It’s hard for clients, customers, business associates, and even employees the memory of receiving edible corporate gifts especially those that have been prepared personally by the bigwigs in the company. Examples of these are gourmet cookies, chocolates, pretzels, food baskets, candies, coffee and mug ensembles, etc. These gift are great for the holidays and they would also make good giveaways for press launches. You can even add local delicacies if the gifts are for expats. Don’t forget to use the personalized gift cards too. It doesn’t matter how simple the gift is if it comes with a human touch it becomes really special.

Relaxation Gifts for Stressed Out Employees

Corporate gifts that provide stress relief are quite popular these days. These gifts are good for the highly stressed out employees. Some examples of these are the following: DIY facial items, spa essentials, aromatherapy candles, foot spa products, and others. You can add a jazz CD or instrumental music CD to complete the package.