Are you thinking of having your space renovated? Then it would be a great idea to consult with Singapore Architects, and look through some of their phenomenal pieces. Consider the details they’ve put in, as they stick with the natural landscape of the space’s lot. When it comes to working with Singapore’s Architecture Firms, it’s important to note how they make sure to not go against the nature of the lots they work on. Rather, they use the environment to bring out the best possible design, while making the space agreeable enough to meet their customers’ needs.

There are many other considerations which pros need to apply when it comes to embarking on a construction or renovation project. For your reference, here are just some of the top projects which Singapore’s Architecture Firms have made possible:


Not every house has a flat surface which architects can work on. In the case of project Moonbeam, one of Singapore’s Architecture Firms had a side elevation which was facing a public canal. The architects took advantage of this topographical uniqueness by placing a thick painted wall beside the canal.

At the house’s lot, the Moonbeam project had a mini pond at the side of the wall. This practically neutralizes the fact of having a public body of water running right beside the home. The home’s interiors also had an Italian design to it, with lots of wooden elements and white painted walls.

Bloxhome House

For homeowners who are fans of Zen designs, the Bloxhome House could be a considerable reference to imbibe into their very own spaces. This project had a minimalistic yet classy design to it. With clean, straight lines at the edge of the house, its exterior and interior designs had touches of dark, wooden brown and white. The home also had a garden as part of its façade. This further makes the concept of blending nature with simplicity, even more delightful to experience for homeowners and guests alike.

The Courtyard House

Is your family and extended family quite close? For multi-generational homes, investors now have the option to put style into their clan’s abode. The Courtyard House had simplistic design elements plus a koi pond has been incorporated into the interiors. The space also had a breathable look to it, with its wide windows and well-lit rooms.

There are many other, inspiring projects which you may look through when it comes to working with Singapore architects. Be sure to list up your most favourite ones as reference, so you can have an awesome looking space soon.