Now dynamic managers and entrepreneurs don’t need to be tied down by office work, especially when they constantly route warehouses, stores and meeting places. With the Office 365 in Singapore, they can get a lot of things done while closing various deals and making sure systems run smoothly on site. Know more about the Office 365 in Singapore, and see how it can specifically benefit your business today.

Your complete working package

Before signing up for a service specific to Office 365 in Singapore, it’s practical to know its ins and outs while giving it a test run to work for your processes. In a nutshell, the Office 365 has a combination of software and services which are normally only available to your workstation’s desktop or laptop.

However, by investing on the Office 365 in Singapore all you’ll need is any computer and an internet connection and you can readily log in to your account. Once you get access from anywhere, you’ll be able to work as if you have your desktop or very own laptop with you. You can access and update your documents, touch base with your colleagues and partners via email, plus use Microsoft’s corresponding applications. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Usage of the Exchange Online

Most times, your company’s Microsoft Outlook is exclusively installed and used within office premises. At most, you can check your emails via your laptop. With Office 365’s Exchange Online, you can have the same functionalities of the Microsoft Outlook and all the stored loops or entries will be available via the cloud.

With Exchange Online on the Office 365 in Singapore, you’ll get to view your email, attachments, contact people and calendar via any efficient functioning computer and internet connection. You even have the option to sync up your Outlook’s options via a mobile device.

Amazingly, your security will be maintained as your emails and other related information are only accessible upon the validation of your email and password. Just be sure to keep the files you’ll download and update on a separate flash drive.

Skype’s inclusion

Need to have a quick meeting while you’re on-the-go? Then there’s no need to worry. With a computer which includes a camera or a mobile phone, you can conduct your catch ups by using the Office 365 in Singapore.

There are so many more features which you can enjoy and find quite useful as you have the Office 365 in Singapore. Know more about how it can effectively work for your business by consulting with a top servicer today.