For procuring and transporting liquid industrial products, you need special cargo services that are experts in handling various types of sensitive liquid cargoes. Lubricating oils and chemicals are extensively used for various types of industrial production and processing works. These materials are extensively used in sectors like automobile engineering, heavy machinery, food processing, textile processing, dyeing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. In Malaysia, there are several industrial units that depend on imported lubricating products and chemicals. Likewise, there are several cargo delivery services and international freight forwarding companies that are involved in transportation, warehousing, and delivery of various types of chemicals, lubricating oils, and there by-products. If you are looking for a freight forwarder for domestic transportation you can find a suitable service from trade directories that list various types of logistics services. Similarly, if you are looking forward to importing or exporting such sensitive merchandise, you need to find a reliable international freight forwarding company that deals with professional cargo airport services as well as overseas shipping services.

Important aspects of handling and transporting lubricants and chemicals

  • While arranging a shipping service or cargo service for transporting a lubricant it is important to consider the nature of the product. Most of the lubricating products are inflammable in nature. So they require a safe transportation system that is equipped with advanced temperature control, fire prevention systems, and fire-resistant packaging.
  • For transporting chemicals, you need to find a service that has special arrangements for preserving, storing, and delivering such cargo without affecting the chemical composition of the materials. There are special medical courier services that offer such services.
  • While shipping items like fuels and oils via large ships or vessels, it is essential to make use of high-quality containers because there is always a risk of spillages or leaks.
  • Certain chemicals may undergo unexpected changes on mixing with air. To prevent such issues, it is essential to find a cargo service that can offer airtight packaging for such sensitive merchandise.