Transportation of goods by air is the fastest and most reliable way of delivery. When transporting by air, there are many nuances that need to be taken into account so as not to waste time, nerves and money. Observance of several simple rules will help to organize air transportation in the shortest time without a headache and unnecessary financial costs.

Find an air carrier company

The air carrier can be searched for by recommendations, by reference books or through search engines on the Internet, for example, upon the request

When selecting a company, pay attention to:

  • The existence of partnerships with airlines – this shows that the process of cargo transportation by air does without a long chain of intermediaries. Means, delivery will leave more cheaply, and the probability of damage or loss of cargo will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Geography of transportation. For example, if a company specializes in international transportation, the conditions for sending abroad will be more profitable than for Russian transportation.
  • The period of the company’s work on the market, the availability of recommendations and feedback. An experienced air carrier will help to send even the most unique cargoes and resolve any non-standard situations.

Prepare cargo for flight

Inform the air carrier of the nature, weight and dimensions of the cargo. On the plane, you cannot send all. There are restrictions on both the weight and volume, and the type of cargo. The specialists will find for you the nearest flight of a suitable aircraft and calculate the cost of transportation. Be sure to specify whether your cargo is classified as banned or dangerous.

Take care of the packaging – It must correspond to the category of transported cargo and remain whole throughout the journey. Quality packaging that meets the GOST standards is a guarantee of cargo safety. Be sure to mark the recipient’s data on all packages.

Prepare all necessary accompanying documents – Invoices, acts, invoices, cashier’s checks and others. Also do not forget certified copies of certificates to send cargo by plane will be impossible without observing all the requirements of the law. For dangerous goods – collect permits, for international – customs documents.

Check the place and time where you will bring the goods for further transportation by plane. Determine what stages of cargo preparation for air delivery you make yourself, and what you trust the carrier. Get the final cost of services and pay for air transportation in a way convenient for you.

Get the goods at the destination

Be sure to provide information and contact details of the sender and recipient. You will be informed of the flight number, departure date and air waybill number for which you can track the arrival of the goods at the destination.