Are you and your friends looking for other fun ways to spend time together? Perhaps you’d like to step out of the usual coffee shop chats and try new things. Then you definitely must try out archery tag. As a sport, Archery helps you build a lot of strength and endurance. It also helps you build patience and strategy to aim at the best targets possible, if not bull’s eyes. Combine it with the concept of tag, and you’ll certainly have a memorable outing with your pals.


What is Archery Tag?

Archery Tag is one novel idea which combines the serious sport of Archery and the fun game of tag. It’s also perfect for team building activities since it adds up some elements which need some serious thinking for your team to win. However at the same, its element of fun can be found in tag.

There’s also no need to worry of this game’s safety. In Archery Tag, you’ll be using realistic bows and arrows but its tips are made of foams. In case you or your friend/colleague gets tagged, nobody gets hurt.


A fun game for friends and colleagues

If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games, Arrow or even the classic Robin Hood, you can re-enact some of their scenes with your friends just for fun. The game requires a lot of endurance with all the running and aiming. However, you can also try not to take yourselves too seriously. The objective is to have as much fun while practicing your Archery skills with friends and colleagues.


Allows you to get competitive

Archery Tag is a game which has two opposing teams. Depending on the scenario, the winning team will always depend on which one has the least number of kills. This should then be the chance for you to line up your team based on who can best hit which from the other side. The fastest runners and best aimers can cover for the ones in training too.

In Archery Tag, there are typically three types of scenarios: Team Deathmatch, Points Frenzy and Eliminate the VIP. See which ones will be the most exciting for your friends or colleagues, so you’ll get to have the most fun in the game.

To shake things up, try Archery Tag. Call a sports centre today and get ready to be familiarized with the game’s rules real soon.