For companies that set up research or lab based facilities, there are certain unique requirements that set them apart from other standard commercial or industrial facilities. For instance, any standard office setup would not meet the standard requirements for a lab setup.

Standard requirements of laboratory infrastructure in Thailand

When it comes to setting up a lab facility there are certain stringent requirements in following categories:

  • Hygiene and sterility factors are given priority to research lab interiors.
  • Safety of equipment and research data, programs and computer setup is also a high priority in such places.
  • Security setup is paramount in such facilities.
  • Specialized research equipment and lab setup require certain furniture and workstation designs.

For the above parameters, any lab setup usually has a standardized layout design that allows for specialized research or lab equipment set up and computer based workstations to be made functional in a secure and sterile environment. Most research facilities deal with delicate or sensitive specimens and equipment. Parameters like environmental conditions need to be controlled in such spaces that can interfere with several lab workings and results.

Innovative and unique themes

Nowadays many modern lab décor specialists are veering from the standard industrial layouts and designs for client lab facilities. Many décor services for lab setup are experimenting with diverse designs of laboratory furniture Thailand that are functional and have neo urban and modernistic appeal at the same time. Keeping a clean and sterile ambience in mind, many décor specialists blend in colors and unique décor themes that help create interesting and stimulating environment that imbibe creativity and life in such workplaces.

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