Most of us learn to drive by driving the mom’s car in little circles and loops at 30 mph or less. Later on in life, it is recommendable to enroll for some driving sources such as aggressive driving to hone your skills further.

Here are two unwritten pro-racing tips for everyday driving.

Focusing too much on the car in front of you

Keeping your eyes glued on the car in front of you is not recommendable as you are most likely going to do what the other driver does even if it is wrong. On the racing track, you could end up taking the wrong line, but in the real world, the number of unforeseen occurrences that could arise is countless. Note the driver in front of you might be a rookie or inexperienced.

Position your eyes correctly on the windshield

Most people who enroll in driving schools are taught to focus on the bottom half of the windshield as much as possible while driving. Unknown to them is that doing so predispose them to numerous risks. It is wise to keep your eyes up and look through the windshield of the car that is ahead of you to be on the safe side while driving. If there are multiple cars ahead, look through the spaces between them. Doing so will feed your mind with all the information it requires and give it plenty of time to respond to a threat quickly.

Finally, maintain hand-eye coordination by focusing your eyes on where you want the car to be and not where you think you are going. This simple trick will enable your brain to adjust your feet and hands unconsciously thereby allowing you to steer the car to the right spot.

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