There are many different applications of sanitary valve in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Steel part of this valves are preferably made out of stainless steel so that it is acid-proof and polytetrafluoroethylene or food silicon rubber is used for its sealing parts so that it can maintain proper hygiene that is needed in such industries. The purpose of these valves is to provide path for the flow of liquid in any process industries.

Following are few top varieties of sanitary valves available in the market.

  1. Sanitary ball valves

This type of valve is commonly used in manufacturing of wine, food, dairy products, beverages, medicines and other biological engineering products.

  1. Sanitary butterfly valves

Most of the butterfly valves are made by using stainless steel material. This type of valve is mainly meant for food and beverage industries as it can maintain proper hygiene as required by these industries.

  1. Sanitary check valves

This valve is different from traditional disc type of valve and therefore valve body is completely eliminated. It is mounted in place where Tri-clamp gasket is placed and disc is made of fluoropolymer material.

  1. Sanitary diaphragm valves

This type of valve is also used in food and diary products as there is an increasing demand for shrinking the total package of valve assembly and therefore these valves are designed accordingly.

  1. Sanitary diverter and shutoff valves

In this kind of sanitary valve when it is closed, the fluid is allowed to pass through the tubes and in such condition virtually there is no dead leg between the tube and the weir.

  1. Sanitary regulating valves

This type of valve is having two assembly types of construction and for any simple process diversion or for sampling purpose this type of valve is used.

  1. Sanitary gauges and sample valves

You can find the application of this type of valve mostly in biological engineering or pharmaceutical industries.

  1. Sanitary steady pressure valves

This type of valve is commonly found valve assembly and it is similar to GMP valve assembly and sterile access type.

  1. Sanitary pressure/air relief valves

This type of valve is commonly found to be mounted in horizontal position with sterile access valves and GMP valve is mounted vertically.

  1. Sanitary tank bottom valves

This kind of valve is specially designed by machining multiple valve weirs inside a single unit of stainless steel material.