Alkaline water in Singapore is not a new thing; it already existed for quite a while and the reason why this is still very popular because it’s a good formula for health.

Why alkaline water in Singapore?

Alkaline always has something to do with health. It’s good in normalizing PH levels in the body, it’s a great source of energy thru hydration and a very powerful antioxidant.

Alkaline is a good medium for research because there are still a lot of potential for alkaline that can aid in medical treatments. Although many already ventured in making alkaline water VaVie was the first in introducing this in the Singapore market and opened the people on the benefits of alkaline water. Water is essential to our existence and water is life, it makes it healthier when alkaline is added to it making it a more powerful formula for healing.


VaVie didn’t just introduce alkaline water Singapore they also open up opportunities for a new market that is already tested and proven in other countries. In Singapore people are health conscious this is eminent in the lifestyle and the diet. Adding another healthy option like alkaline water is actually most welcome to consumers because you can never go wrong if you choose a healthier option.

For people who wish to resell or make this as part of their company’s option for a drinking water you should be pleased to know that VaVie not only makes their own water but are also known for customized water bottles Singapore.  It’s a great way to have an alkaline water that speaks and brands your company and why not in a water right?

They got one of the best products on the market and the leader of production of alkaline water. VaVie’s business model does not just selling alkaline water but also produces it thru their unique filtration process.

If you need more information about their products, their services, the benefits of alkaline water, why it’s good for you, info about the company, their filtration process and their services you may visit their site and leave a message for any inquiries not answered on the website. They got one of the best products on the market and the leader of production of alkaline water.