Talent search as indicated by the name is to search for the required talent. This is also popularly known as talent acquisition, which is actually a process finding and acquiring the skilled human labor for the specific needs of the organization or to meet any kind of requirement of labor. It is very important for the organization of to get the exact person with the required skill set which is done with the help of this process of the talent search. When this searching for talent is used in the context of the profession of human resource, then it is referred to as a talent search team or a talent acquisition team.

Ways for talent search

There are several methods of talent search that are used by the agencies for handpicking the different kinds of talents that they are searching for. But in general, these two below mentioned methods are used to search talent.


  • Searching for talent is an extremely important that requires utmost care. The searching for the desired talent is done through a test or an examination. The tests are designed in such a way so as to test the ability of the candidate with regards to a particular skill or some specific knowledge or experience. The candidates who qualify the tests meet the criteria that the agency or the company is looking for.
  • Another way to search for the required talent is the method of interviewing. This interview is a little bit different from the traditional interview for a job. In this interview method, the interviewer asks some sets of specific questions which are particularly designed to test the ability of the candidate for a particular skill set.


In Singapore, one is able to find several agencies that help different companies to search for the exact talent that they are looking for.