Legend has it that outsourcing affects business instead of helping them out. A statement which is undoubtedly untrue, outsourcing can help business in many ways that we are going to delve into with emphasis on details in this brief article. Businesses make the outsourcing decision for many reasons, but the most prominent ones are; their desire to cut down overhead costs, free up resources to be used in core operations instead of mandatory, repetitive side ones and get rid of tasks such as repairs and backups for good. From this point of view, outsourcing achieves a lot that helps any business and definitely outsourcing the IT department achieves even more. IT departments parted ways with their classical mundane image long ago. Over the years, they grew rapidly and became labored and cost intensive. The sheer amount of upgrades and repairs required on an annual basis is beyond imagination for the layman who still imagines the IT engineers as a couple of nerds in a business. The role of IT has expanded significantly to cover the unprecedented grounds.

What IT services do in big businesses?

  • IT services can be seen as the spinal cord that holds a business together. They represent the databases and underlying networks that connect every digital and automatic device with its compatriots within the building and outside of it.
  • IT has become exceedingly relevant recently in Singapore and will continue to be so in the upcoming year if not more important due to the massive and rapid technological advancements that we witness on a daily basis. IT departments do not only handle daily operations, they are concerned with long-term upgrades as well.
  • IT engineers may have departed the furthest from their classical image, but they still have a great deal of building and repairs to do, mostly when it comes to networking and automatic devices.
  • Decision makers in big companies are more concerned with core operations and in most cases lack the proper knowledge to make IT-related decisions which is where IT engineers come in to take part in planning and fire management to make key decisions such as buying a new line of large format printer or landing a massive contract with an even bigger company.